Human Resources Manager

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We’re on the lookout for a skilled HR professional to join VECTO.DIGITAL. As our HR Manager, you’ll be a key player in creating a positive work environment, improving team dynamics, and ensuring our company values align with daily practices in the dynamic IT field.

Job Responsibilities:

✔️ Facilitating impactful one-on-one meetings with employees, addressing concerns, offering support, and enhancing communication channels.
✔️ Acting as a pivotal bridge between employees and management, ensuring a positive work environment and harmonious relationships within the team.
✔️ Developing and executing team-building activities to foster collaboration, strengthen team dynamics, and promote a sense of belonging among IT professionals.
✔️ Identifying opportunities for team development and implementing strategies to enhance overall team performance in the fast-paced IT environment.
✔️ Assessing and enhancing the organizational culture, implementing initiatives to create a positive and inclusive workplace reflective of the dynamic IT landscape.
✔️ Working towards aligning company values with daily practices and behaviors, ensuring a cohesive and forward-thinking work culture.
✔️ Mediating conflicts within the workplace, promoting resolution, and maintaining a harmonious work environment conducive to IT innovation.
✔️ Implementing proactive measures to prevent and address conflicts before they escalate, fostering a proactive and solution-oriented team culture.
✔️ Implementing a motivation system that recognizes and rewards employee achievements in line with the unique challenges and goals of the IT industry
✔️ Regularly assessing the effectiveness of motivation strategies and adjusting them as needed to keep pace with the evolving demands of the IT workforce.

Skills & Requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience in Human Resource Management with a specific focus on the IT sector.
  • Proven expertise in recruitment processes and talent acquisition within the IT industry.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to navigate the dynamic and collaborative nature of IT teams.
  • Certification in Human Resource Management is a plus.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, essential for managing the intricacies of HR in the fast-paced IT environment.