Founded in 2015, VECTO is a middle-sized web and app development company based in Yerevan, Armenia. With a team of highly-skilled professionals, VECTO provides client-centric and reliable web and mobile solutions services worldwide.
Having a deep knowledge of the latest technologies and market trends we deliver cutting-edge services to a wide spectrum of industries including retail, telecom, tourism, art, entertainment, news & media, NGO and more.

Being a small company gives us the ability to maximally concentrate our efforts and pay dedicated attention to each project and client. As your project grows from the phase of just an idea in your head, we are ready to help you in the process of bringing it to life. We treat your projects as our own, working with you as a part of your team, fully understanding your identity as a company, the direction you head in and the goal you want to achieve. We are with you to build your own success story – from the first sketch to the day of your project gets the launch.

The Process of Making

We developed a perfect system to a successful process of work. All the phases are clear and transparent for our clients.

Meeting with clients

The first stage of the work process is one of the most important phases, because we need to fully understand the vision of our clients, their concepts and strategy. We also consult our clients on initial design and showcase the methods we apply for the product.

Sketching the vision.

As we know what our clients want to get as a final product, we start choosing the perfect way to implement all the discussed details into design. We use pre-defined templates and our custom-made design solutions. We offer our clients the best options from which they choose the one that fits their vision.


Depending on the style, vision and purpose of the product, we choose the right solution to create the perfect website or application. Our tools include coding technologies such as Javascript, PHP, Angular JS, React.js, Python, HTML/CSS, an also frameworks like Laravel, Magento, Django, WordPress and more. All the processes are well-developed and performed by our professional team.

Testing and Learning

After the development stage we test and review the product. We show our clients the final product, test the functionality and user experience, interactivity and design. When the testing is over, we consult our clients on the usage of the admin panel, hold trainings to integrate the client in the website structure.

Launch and Support

After all the steps done and we successfully launch the website, we offer our support services, which include additional trainings, minor bug fixing, changes on the design, content consulting and adding more tools to boost the performance of the website. We also offer hosting, long-time website support, re-design and more services for your company.