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The process of web development at VECTO is complex and fully professional from the start to the day of the website launch. Our solutions and the software we use are modern and agile as our team always keeps up with the development in the website building ecosystem. We provide guidance and full transparency to our clients all through the development cycle. We can join and help you at any stage of your project.

  • Building fully responsive websites using the latest technologies
  • Design and functionality consulting
  • Full support during the process and post-launch.

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    The Process of Making

    We are transparent at every step; this keeps the process in control but allows to be flexible to requirement changes.


    From the first step of the amazing journey of website development, we are working side by side with our clients. The transarency of our work, agile and detail-oriented approach helps our client to be fully involved in the process of development.


    Our company always works on finding new solutions for any possible client’s request. We help our clients create new digital products — and incremental revenue streams — for shopping, banking, travel, entertainment and more.

    Mock-up Design

    One of the most important steps in creating an engaging website is creating a useful and beautiful design with user-friendly interfaces, easy-to-use layouts and functionality. We are ready to discuss and accept any challenging request from our clients.


    We use the latest technologies during the development stage. Our professionals use different coding and framework tools to create the website that meets any of your requirements, such as HTML /CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React.js, Python, Laravel, Django, Magento, WordPress and many more.

    Final Product

    When all the processes are done, we are ready to present the final product to our clients. VECTO offers post-launch support, as well as hosting and domain services. We at our company value your success and sustainability, therefore we are always ready to follow-up and multiply your success and offer professional support to your company.

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